wELCOME to Jar Of Buttons!

Here you'll find an assortment of accessory items to add some fun and flair to your every day.

Brendan McCaskey, Jar of Buttons creator & owner, is a total pop culture junkie and lover of puns, food, and desert living. Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ you'll see Brendan's hometown pride shine through his creations along with his favorite pop cultural influences and a never ending list of puns.



Assorted 1" pin-back buttons and magnets. A collection of food humor and puns for anyone who enjoys a laugh. Perfect for pinning on your jacket/bag or sticking on your refrigerator front


Assorted enamel lapel pins. Choose from a variety of desert influenced designs or pop culture portraits from some of my favorite movies!  



Assorted vinyl stickers.  Pick and choose from a variety of desert influenced designs, puns & humor, or pop culture portraits. These stickers are durable with a UV laminate coating to help protect from scratching, sunlight, and rain. Perfect for your car window, water bottle, laptop, etc!